Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Released to crack TwinR.

Get a working and good OLLYDG

Here is the links which u can get the ollydbg tat can open themida encrypted file.
Tuts 4 You: Downloads / OllyDbg Engines / Modifications
Download Link:

Find a phantom plugin vision 1.26 or 1.30 and use the plugin to hide from the winlicense nag

You also need a valid TwinR lic file.

This is the message by LCF-AT


in the last weeks I have unpacked some different version of this app so if you want to unpack it too then you need a lic file for your version TwinrSEA.You can also use a older lic file for this app to patch the license check and then you can unpack it too if you want.If you have a older lic file the rename it to twinr2.lic

Now the app runs and you can unpack it too.Follow the steps from my movie in the twinrSea topic.

Use phantom plugin to hide the ollydg to prevent winlicence from detecting it


Step to crack

1)Find the license press CTRL-F find this a line like ---> 66:BB 195A MOV BX,5A19
2)After you found this line press F9 until the winlicense nag comes out.
3)Follow in dump at this address where the winlicense nag.
4)Go to dump window / hex below search for binary line 01 01 01 00 01 then after that will see something like this

XXXXXXX 01 00 00 00 01 01 01 00 01

Change whole binary line to 00

ok.. Bypassed the license check.

After that we have to unpack it by running this script

and after that follow the video above and you should be able to crack it......

Unpack Tut
Unpacking Themida/WinLicense 1.8.x « Richie86’s Life!!
Astalavista.MS :: View topic - Unpacking Themida

Unpack Tools (Likely not working must do it manually) Tested
Astalavista.MS :: View topic - Themida\WinLicence Unpacking Tools

All About Unpacking
Astalavista.MS :: View Forum - Unpacking

First, this link provide the info on unpacking the themida/winlicense.
Unpacking Themida/WinLicense 1.8.x « Richie86’s Life!!

Second, i found the method on how to crack it by "tarc".

PS: His method is like this, using a software called "regshot" to modify the registry. As for wat i had understand, the license file contain a timer which will alter the registry in ur system thus it is like a timer and will expired. The method he use is to hav a working license key and use "regshot" to check the registry day by day and trace the registry and modify.

Regshot 1.8.2

I also found another software which can remove the winlicense and i haven tried it yet. Here is it.


You can test to crack this TwinR 1.61


Please do not forward to twinR forum, Thanks.

You can thanks me by clicking a thanks below

Btw last gift for you guys, 10 year free licence for AVG 8


1 - Bloody Ice
2 - Desert Scream
3 - Green Desert
4 - Port Lux
5 - Fort Ruina
6 - Lake Side
7 - Undead Ground
8 - Forgotten Ruin
9 - Mutant Forest
10 - Pontus Ferrum

Cabal Online auto kill/heal macro script

Cabal online auto kill & heal macro script

Written by: MorningWind

1.Screen: 1024*768/32bit, game: 800*600 window mode, maximize game window
2.Game view: view from top, close little map on the top
3.Shortcut key set to:F1~F12, skill:F2,F3,F4 pick items:F10 secondary skill:F7,F8,F9

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zangetsu said...

hye.. i just want to ask.. how am i going to execute the TwinRSea bot settings? i alrady have all the four files.. i have execute the twinR.. but then the bot setting doesnt appear after i logged in to cabal (after minimize my cabal window). can u help me on this please.